Aqueon LED MiniBow 1 SmartClean Aquarium Kit Black

Size: 1 gallon
Sale price$32.99


Aqueon LED MiniBows Kits with SmartClean Technology are great for first time and experienced fish keeper. These desktop aquariums are great for bedrooms, living rooms, home offices and more. Each kit includes a clear acrylic vessel, low-profile LED hood, elevated base, water care and food samples to get you started. Also included is a uniquely designed power filter with SmartClean Technology that makes essential water changes quick, fast and easy to do in less than 2 minutes! In just a couple minutes each week helps maintain a cleaner and healthy aquatic environment with Aqueon LED MiniBow Kits with SmartClean Technology.

  • Equipped with SmartClean Technology to perform water changes in less than 2 minutes
  • Improve water quality for a happy, healthy fish.
  • Includes aquarium vessel, black hood and elevated base, power filter, fish food, water conditioner, filter cartridge, and setup guide.
  • Great home for small fish
  • For first time and experience fish keepers of all ages.

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