Zoo Med Aquatic Turtle Foods Sampler Value Pack

Size: Sampler Value Pack
Sale price$8.79


Zoo Meds Aquatic Turtle Food Sample Value Pack features a smorgasbord of treats for your nautical reptile. If you're not sure what type of food to start your pet out on, the Aquatic Turtle Food Sampler Pack includes a wide selection of nutritious, highly beneficial options.

  • 3 Zoo Med premium aquatic turtle foods
  • Instant water conditioner sample
  • With calcium block and feeding tongs

This unique variety pack features Zoo Meds top aquatic turtle foods and supplements designed for your ease of use.

Aquatic Turtle Food Sample Value Pack Includes:

  • Natural Aquatic Turtle Food pellets
  • Reptisticks Aquatic Turtle Food
  • Large Sun-Dried Red Shrimp
  • Aqautic Turtle Banquet Block
  • Reptisafe Water Conditioner Trial Size
  • Feeding tongs

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