CaribSea Arag-Alive Live Aragonite Reef Sand - Fiji Pink

Size: 20 lbs
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Only CaribSeas Arag-Alive Live Sands contains not just the broad spectrum of natural marine bacteria found in the ocean, but additional specially selected strains of marine bacteria as well. Arag-Alive compresses new tank cycle time and suppresses the initial ammonia spike.

  • Contains the broad spectrum of natural marine bacteria found in the ocean
  • Additional specially selected strains of marine bacteria
  • Creates a natural biological balance

Arag-Alive creates a natural biological balance, and makes cycling a new aquarium faster and safer. Live rocks and most invertebrates can be added immediately. Gradually introduce fish within the first 3 weeks, and do not exceed one inch of fish per 5 gallons during this time.

Fiji Pink - This soft pink colored, 100% aragonite substrate is a good intermediate sand size product. The precise 0.5 - 1.5mm grain size combines some of the animal friendly properties of fine sand such as ingestability and low resistance to burrowing, but with better diffusive flux properties and good porosity. This is also the standard choice for reef aquariums at 1 pound per gallon.

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