Zoo Med All Natural Vita-Sand - Sahara Slate

Size: 3 x 10 lb Bags (30 lbs Total)
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Zoo Med Vita-Sand is an all-natural calcium carbonate sand that provides an excellent terrarium fill for all sorts of desert-dwelling reptiles. This vet-approved, ultra fine-grade sand increases calcium delivery and is fortified with vitamins and beta carotene for added health benefits.

  • All natural vitamin-fortified calcium carbonate sand
  • Excellent for all types of desert reptiles
  • Increases calcium delivery to help prevent metabolic disease

Zoo Med Vita-Sand features an ultra fine grade to help prevent against impaction from over-consumption. It contains no fat-soluble vitamins (which can be toxic in large doses), and has no artificial colors or color sealers.

Excellent sand for Bearded Dragons, Aromastyx Lizards, monitors, geckos (including Leopard Geckos) and desert tortoises, as well as tarantulas, scorpions, and other sand-loving critters.

Product of the USA.

Q: Can I use Vita-Sand for my Hermit Crabs
A: YES! Hermit Crab Sand is the same component as Vita-Sand. This is a great sand for Hermit Crabs!

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