Beckett Submersible Pond Pump

Size: Small - 210 GPH (Ponds up to 400 Gallons)
Sale price$68.35


Becketts Submersible Pond Pumps come in 3 different sizes and have low maintenance direct drive design, are not oil-filled, and are environmentally safe.

  • Low Maintenance Direct Drive Pump Design
  • Durable Submersible Pond Pump
  • Environmentally Safe for Fish and Turtles

Use these Becket Pond Pumps in ponds, water gardens or water features around your home or office! Each pump comes with a 16-foot cord. Pond pumps circulate and aerate their environment, constructing an eco-balance in which wildlife of all kinds, including goldfish, koi, and turtles can thrive, as well as a vast variety of flora. The black, plastic casing forms a hardy piece of equipment. The pump operates oil-free, eliminating the risk of water contamination.

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