Microbe-Lift Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media

Size: 10 lbs
Sale price$17.27


Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media is made of 100% natural montmorillonite with an added beneficial bacteria to help with pond clarity. The neutral pH pebbles in Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media contain beneficial bacteria, retain oxygen, and help absorb excess alkalinity for improved pond water quality. When used in a bog area, Microbe-Lift Aquatic Pond Plant Media helps reduce transplant shock, allow for more efficient utilization of light, water and nutrients and retain water keeping the bog moist but not waterlogged. Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media will not break down, float, or cloud pond water. Microbe-Lift Aquatic Planting Media contains no algae-promoting nutrients, fertilizers, compost, peat, or harmful pesticides and is safe for use in ponds with fish.

  • Ideal when potting aquatic plant
  • Enormous surface area perfect to colonize beneficial nitrifying bacteria
  • Allows mixing any ratio of loam to plant media, Nontoxic to plants
  • Will not break down, float or cloud pond water
  • Encourages Plant Health

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