Lifegard Aquatics Bonded Filter Pad Bulk Roll

Size: 15' Long x 2' Wide
Sale price$56.59


The Lifegard Aquatics Bonded Filter Pad Bulk Roll features a fine filter pad and a coarse filter pad, bonded together to provide superior water filtration in aquariums and ponds. Made of durable but easy-to-cut material to suit virtually any filtration need.

  • Bonded filter pad roll dimesnions 15'L x 2'W x 0.5"H
  • Provides excellent filtration for a variety of aquarium and pond applications
  • Cut to fit your aquarium or pond filtration system
  • Fine and coarse pads bonded together for maximum efficiency

By combining fine and coarse materials, the Bonded Filter Pad is able to trap large debris and smaller particles, removing them from your water and leaving your aquarium or pond looking crystal clear. Buy in bulk and cut your own size filter pads to use on a variety of water filtration applications.

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