Prevue Square Top Bird Cage 18" x 14" x 23" Assorted Colors

Size: 1 count
Sale price$71.94


Prevue Pet Products roomy birdcage features a large front-opening door, top carry handle, removable bottom grille, and pull-out bottom tray for easy cleaning. The cage includes two plastic hooded cups, two wood perches and is designed for small-medium birds.

  • Bird Cage has secure 5/8" wire spacing
  • Non-toxic and pet safe powder-coated steel mesh with plastic tray
  • Includes 2 Eucalyptus wood Perches, 2 Cups, Grille, and Tray
  • Bird Cage DImensions: 18" L x 14" W x 23" H
  • Designed for parakeets, cockatiels and other small-medium birds

NOTE: Ships in assorted colors. Wash cage regularly with a mild soap, warm water, and Prevues non-abrasive #109 Cage Scrubber. Dry thoroughly. Do not dry the tray in the sun, as it can warp.

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