PetAg Zoologic Bene-Bac Plus Mammal Gel

Size: 30g Syringe
Sale price$14.95


PetAg Zoological Bene-Bac Probiotic gel is a rich source of naturally occurring microorganisms that help pets under the conditions such as breeding, grooming, weaning, and antibiotic therapy. This gel is also recommended for hand-fed orphan animals. The palatable gel comes in an easy-to-use syringe and contains ingredients like sunflower oil, sucrose, silicon dioxide, etc.

  • The gel comes in user-friendly syringe
  • An ideal treatment for pets under adverse conditions like birth, grooming, traveling, etc
  • Probiotic nutritional supplement promotes overall well-being of animals

PetAg is a well-known company came into existence in the year 1986. For more than 80 years, they have been the leader in advancing the science of animal nutrition. They are committed to helping animals lead healthy lives by making available high-quality pet grooming and health products.

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