Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan

Size: Large (19"L x 14-7/8"W x 8-5/8"H)
Sale price$16.67


Van Ness High Sided Cat Pan. Constructed of unbreakable, high-impact plastic, this litter pan is stain resistant and automatically prevents spills with its extra high sides.

  • Made in the USA
  • Unbreakable high-impact plastic construction
  • Prevents litter spills, making cleanup a whole lot easier
  • Perfect for any indoor cat
  • Assorted colors - Let us pick a color for you

High Side Cat Pan Dimensions:

  • LARGE - 19"L x 14 7/8"W x 8 5/8"H
  • GIANT - 21"L x 17"W x 9"H at the back and 6.25"H in the front.

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