Tomlyn Firm Fast Loose Stool Remedy Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Size: 30 cc
Sale price$18.99


Tomlyns Loose Stool Remedy Firm Fast for dogs and cats helps owners manage occasional loose stools. Pet parents should anticipate results within 48 hours. It supports pets with loose stools in several ways. It contains ingredients that help absorb water from loose stools, soothes the intestinal lining, and slow intestinal motility. Additionally, it contains a probiotic that helps displace harmful bacteria and supports the bodys immune defenses. The product can be used once loose stools are seen or ahead of an inciting event, such as travel or boarding.

  • Antidiarrheal gel for dogs & cats, with kaolin & pectin to reduce the water content of loose stools
  • Supports more regular stools and helps soothe your pets irritated, unsettled or upset stomach
  • With added probiotics to support your pets immune system & help displace diarrhea-causing bacteria
  • Suitable for pets with diarrhea or before stressful events that can cause loose, watery stools
  • Easy to administer

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