Pet Ag Prozyme Plus Powder All Natural Enzyme Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Size: 300 grams
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PetAg Prozyme Plus All Natural Health Supplement Formula is an all-natural, plant-based enzyme for dogs and cats. Because of the enzymes' unique origins, they provide benefits that many other digestive enzymes do not. These digestive enzymes aid animals in digesting fats, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates so they get more nutritional benefit from their food. This is especially true for older pets whose enzyme levels have naturally dropped with age. Prozyme Plus can help pets who are experiencing poor nutrient absorption, excessive shedding, gas, dull haircoat, lack of energy, skin problems, weight issues, and stool eating. It has a rice starch base for animals that are lactose intolerant or on a vegan diet.

  • Contains Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes
  • Digestive and Immune Support
  • Improves Poor Coats
  • Cat and Dog Safe
  • Excellent Care Solution

Rice starch, aspergillus oryzae (Alpha-Amylase) fermentation product dehydrated, aspergillus niger (Lipase and Cellulase) fermentation product dehydrated, bromelain derived from ananas comosus (Protease) dehydrated.

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