Hari Rustic Treasures Star Basket Bird Toy

Size: Small - (Assorted Colors)
Sale price$5.97


The HARI Rustic Treasures Star Basket is a handcrafted bird toy made from natural Abaca and Palm leaves, woven together to encourage healthy preening behaviors. This colorful toy is a great way to avoid feather plucking while encouraging fun and exercise.

  • Handcrafted toy with natural Abaca and Palm leaves
  • Helps relieve boredom and avoid feather plucking
  • Includes clip for easy hanging in cage

Stuff the toy with treats to provide an extra level of fun for your medium or large hookbill! Star Baskets are made with eco-friendly, renewable, non-toxic, and certified fair trade materials. The cage link is lead/zinc free and nickel-plated for longevity.

Note: Toys ship with assorted colors. Please let us choose for you!

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