Caribsea Instant Amazon Blackwater Solution

Size: 8 oz
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CaribSea Instant Amazon Blackwater Solution brings the jungle right to your aquarium. The natural tannins recreate the ideal and natural conditions found in the worlds tropical waters, created by slowing decaying vegetation such as leaves, peats, and soils. Blackwater conditions may be found in the deep jungle Amazon and Orinoco basins, the Congo River basin and its tributaries including the Oubangui, the Indian Subcontinent, Indonesia, including Borneo, ephemeral jungle ponds and puddles, and the southern United States in seasonally flooded forests and mangrove surrounded brackish tide pools and creeks. Consequently, Instant Amazon is ideal for those soft water inhabitants such as discus, bettas, tetras, corys, angelfish, gouramis, arowanas, barbs, and freshwater shrimp.

  • Natural tannins help to recreate the ideal and natural conditions found in the worlds Tropical waters created by slowly decaying vegetation
  • Bringing the jungle right into your Aquarium
  • Re-create true Amazon environments
  • Great for all softwater fish
  • Made in the USA

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