Pondmaster Utility Sump Pump 6MSP

Size: 1 count
Sale price$124.72


6MSP Utility/Pool Pump is a powerful, durable, oil-free pump that can remove water down to 1/8 of an inch. With a maximum flow rate of 1900 GPH, it can quickly remove water from swimming pools and pool covers. It can also efficiently remove water from a variety of common and emergency de-watering applications such as flooded basements, rooftops, or anywhere that de-watering is a must. Fits inside most pool bottoms and 8" main drains and comes complete with adapters for a standard garden hose (3/4") and pool vacuum hose fittings (1 1/2").

  • Sturdy, Integrated Carry Handle
  • Completely Submersible
  • Removable Screened Inlet
  • Garden Hose & Pool Vacuum Hose Fittings Included
  • 25' Cord with Strain Relief

1 Year Limited Warranty

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