Penn Plax Super Battery Vac Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner

Size: Super Battery Powered Aquarium Vacuum
Sale price$35.97


The Penn Plax Super Battery Vac Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner contains stronger and more powerful cleaning action. Features an adjustable extension (with locking system) for deeper aquariums.

  • Clean your aquarium without getting your hand wet
  • Super Batter Vac Extension tube can reach up to 21" deep
  • Battery powered motor (requires 2 "C" batteries, not included)

Convenient on/off switch, algae vacuum scraper, larger impeller creates more suction, re-usable filter bag and telescoping locking extension tube for larger aquariums. Can also be used to do small water change. Simply attach 1/2" hose (not supplied) to spout or use hose adapter (for 5/8" inner diameter tubing).

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