Tetra Bio-Bag Cartridges with StayClean - Medium

Size: 1 Count
Sale price$2.90


Tetra Bio-Bag Cartridges with StayClean technology make efficient maintenance of your aquarium easier than ever. These unique cartridges combine Tetras powerful Ultra-Activated carbon with its revolutionary StayClean tablet: an all-in-one flocculant, pH stabilizer, and glass cleaner that helps keep your tank looking great.

  • Unassembled cartridge for medium Bio-Bag filters
  • StayClean technology binds small particles, reduces glass buildup and stabilizes water pH
  • Safe for salt or freshwater fish, snails and live plants
  • Keeps glass up to 35% cleaner

Tetras proprietary StayClean technology is the result of 40 lab studies, extensive consumer research, and a 60-day consumer environment test for proven effectiveness. The small StayClean tablet dissolves slowly over time, releasing its active ingredients into the clean water being returned to the tank. One tablet has the power to reduce buildup on aquarium glass, bind small dirt particles to make them easier to filter, and stabilize pH to prevent crashes.

Sizing Guide (Medium):

  • Whisper Internal Filters: 10i
  • Whisper External Power Filters: PF10
  • Whisper IQ Power Filters: IQ10

Note: Not recommended for use with shrimp. For best results, change monthly.

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