AquaClear Filter Insert Nylon Media Bag

Size: 20 gallon - 2 count
Sale price$3.73


AquaClear Filter Media Bags make media maintenance even simpler. Made of fine mesh, each bag has a convenient tie string and is designed to hold small-grained filter media such as peat, carbon, etc. and allows excellent water penetration. They allow for easy replacement of any suitable filter media inside the filter chamber.The bags can be used in fresh or saltwater aquariums.

  • Fine Mesh Bag With Tie String
  • Use to Hold Small Grain Filter Media
  • Easliy Replace Filter Media
  • For Use in Fresh and Saltwater Aquariums
  • For Use With AquaClear Power Filters

INSTRUCTIONS: For best results, place on top of foam insert. Ensure the bag is filled to cover unwanted gases, etc. Tie string closure and place in the filter chamber. Follow manufacturer recommendations for media used and replacement. CAUTION: Media density may cause filter bag to block the output. This may cause water to overfill the chamber and spill to the floor.

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