Tetra T3 Energizer Motor

Size: T3 Energizer Motor
Sale price$18.35


Tetra T3 Energizer Replacement Motor for Whisper 2, 3, 40 and 60, and Top Fin 40 and 60 Power Filters. The Energizer contains the entire motor mechanism for your filter and comes complete with O-ring and power cord. Read replacement notes below!

  • Replacement Energizer for Whisper Power Filters
  • Fits Whisper models 2, 3, 40 and 60 and Top Fin models 40 and 60
  • Includes O-ring and power cord

Impeller, impeller mount, inlet tubing and strainer are NOT INCLUDED!

Note: This part rarely needs to be replaced. If your power filter is not running correctly, always replace the impeller first.

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