Fluval Replacement Impeller

Size: For Fluval 404 & 405
Sale price$23.46


The Hagen Fluval 304-305 (New Style) Impeller replaces the impeller for Fluval MSF Filters manufactured AFTER July 2001. Features straight fan blades. Impeller shaft sold separately.

  • Impeller replacement for Fluval 304-305 (New Style) Impeller
  • For use in Fluval MSF Filters manufactured AFTER July 2001
  • Straight fan blades
  • Impeller shaft sold separately

Old, warped impellers can result in decreased water flow, poor circulation, and, in some cases, even an unpleasant grinding noise. Replace the impeller to reinvigorate your filter with strong, silent water pull and maximum circulation.

Clean your impeller assembly regularly to maintain the best possible water flow.

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