Penn Plax Double-Back Aquarium Background - Tropical Reflections / Blue Bubbles

Size: 19" Tall x 48" Wide - (Fits up to 75 Gallons)
Sale price$16.45


Turn your fish tank into a stunning underwater world with Penn Plax Double-Back Aquarium Backgrounds. Each side features a high definition aquatic scene that will instantly add depth, beauty and naturalism to your aquarium habitat. Make your fish feel more at home with this easy-to-use decor.

  • Double-sided aquarium background
  • Adds depth and beauty to any home aquarium or fish tank
  • Sized to make application simple
  • Fits aquariums up to 75 gallons

Note: Double-Back backgrounds are sized to fit many standard size home aquariums, and can be sized to match virtually any tank.

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