Acurel Filter Lifeguard Media Bag with Drawstring

Size: 8" Long x 3" Wide
Sale price$1.79


Acurel media bags are the most cost-effective way to protect filters from damage caused by loose filter media. These specially designed, 100% nylon drawstring bags maximize filtration and will not disintegrate in water, protecting your filter without reducing performance.

  • 100% nylon drawstring bag maximizes filtration
  • Use in all filters with all types of carbons or other granular products
  • For all fresh and saltwater aquariums|

Directions: Fill bag with desired media, pull drawstring and place in filter.

Small: 3" x 8" (For all small filters)
Medium: 4" x 12" (For all medium-large filters)
Large: 8" x 13" (For all large filters)

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