4Legz Kitty Roca Crunchy Dog Cookies Peanut Butter and Molasses

Size: 8 oz
Sale price$5.49


4Legz Organic Peanut Butter contains unsulphured blackstrap molasses, organic unsalted peanut butter, organic rye flour, non-GMO rice flour, rolled oats, and ground cinnamon. Coprophagous is a technical term for a normal but disgusting dog habit. Almost every dog finds cat feces "kitty roca" a delicacy. These treats are a fun alternative to the real thing.

  • No added salt, sugar, chemicals or artificial preservatives
  • Non-GMO
  • Made in USA
  • Great for dogs who struggle with allergies
  • Crunchy texture helpt keep teeth clean

Ingredients: Unsulphured blackstrap molasses, organic honey, organic unsalted peanut butter, organic rye flour, rice flour, rolled oats, vitamin e.

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