A New Kitty’s Daily Schedule


P.S. She will try to run out of the front door if she is unsupervised and your door is open.

Feeding schedule/wet food (oval shaped bowl):

  • Breakfast: I usually feed her around 7am and give her 1/2 of a can of wet food.
  • Lunch: I usually feed her around 1-2pm and give her 1/2 of a can of wet food.
  • Dinner: I feed her around 7-8pm and give her ½ of a can of wet food.
    • Clean up/wash the wet food bowl when she is finished eating or if the food has been left out for more than 45min-1hour. The bowl doesn’t have to be empty but leaving out the wet food for a long time can cause her to have an upset stomach.
  • Kitty is a very messy eater so put her food bowl on top of a silicone feeding mat so that clean up is an easier process.
  • Place leftovers of the wet food in the fridge and cover the can with the blue plastic lid that has a cat on it.

Dry food

  • Dry food: give her dry food along with the wet, but it doesn’t need to be re-filled often.
  • Refill the dry food when there is a little bit left in the bowl, and the dry food can be left out all day because it doesn’t go bad like the wet food.


  • Wash and replace water in a bowl daily, this can be done in the morning or the evening.
  • You can refill the bowl with tap water


  • You can give her treats whenever, but don’t give her too many otherwise she won’t eat her wet food.
  • He likes it when you throw the treat so she can run and get it, sometimes she doesn’t see the treat land so you might have to help her find it or you can just pick it up and throw it again.
  • If you are going to leave the house, you can hide treats around the house for her to find.

Going outside

  • To go on a walk just put her harness and attach the leash. The harness should wrap around her neck and her body.
  • She can also go in the car for short periods of time, for example, mom will go pick up food from a drive through and she will take Kitty. Kitty tends to walk around a lot in the car and will meow. 

Litter box

  • When it comes to the litter box, the litter in the box is flushable so you can scoop out the pee/poop and place it in the toilet.
  • The litter in the litter box has to be replaced on Saturday, your mom or dad will provide you with a clean litter: All you have to do is put the dirty litter into a trash bag and throw it in the garbage bin.


  • Kitty likes to play with her toys and paper balls
  • She likes to play with people, like me or mom and dad. She does like to pounce on arms and legs and can scratch and bite sometimes.
  • She also likes her blue and red ribbon, just wave it around and she will go after it.

Sleepy time

  • Kitty likes to sleep in  in a lot of places
    • Sometimes she will go into her cat carrier and sleep there.
    • She will also sleep on her cardboard scratching post.
    • If she trusts you enough she will go into your room and sleep next to you, just leave you door slightly open every night and she may come in. If your door is closed she may meow VERY LOUD
    • She also just sleeps in random places.
  • If you can’t find Kitty, just take a box of treats and shake it. She will usually wake up and come because she knows the sound of the treat box and will be expecting some treats.
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